Nimrod Erez – Co-Producer and Editor



Born and raised in Israel, Nimrod fell in love with movies early in his life. At age 6, a visit to the studios of then Israel’s only television station made it clear that would be his path. He graduated from the Filmmaking Department of the George E. Smith High School For the Arts in Jerusalem and went on, like many young men his age, to serve in the Israel Defence Force, as a sapper and infantryman in the Combat Engineers Corps. A blast injury ended his frontline tour of duty and he was reassigned as video producer for the remainder of his service. After completing his mandatory three year term in the military, he quickly integrated into the burgeoning film and TV production industry in Israel, editing many high profile TV shows and documentary films. At age 24 he moved to NY where he started editing and producing for Razorfish, then one of the world’s largest web-design company. In 2002 he moved to LA and began editing documentary and reality TV projects. In 2009 he joined Moriah Films to work on the Winston Churchill documentary “Walking With Destiny.” “The Prime Ministers” is his third production with Moriah Films, and he is looking forward to much more future collaboration. He lives in the Silverlake neighbourhood of Los Angeles with his Co-Producer wife Katrin Osmialowski, and their daughter Ella.